Friday, September 22, 2006

Tao Ruspoli interviews Alexander Cockburn

In this 10 minute clip (the first of two parts) Alexander Cockburn, the renowned leftist journalist, talks about his father's influence, the state of the democratic party, the Roman empire, how to make a better sneaker, and much more!

Click on the image above to view a great looking quicktime.
If you are having trouble, click here for the youtube version
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Bill said...

This is quite a good interview of a major writer who is not given much coverage in the media. I was almost saved by Cockburn's column "Beat the Devil" in the 80's, much the way he says in this video his father saved people.

Steve said...

Where is part 2?

Omar W said...

It's very good for people to see Cockburn on film. For those who do manage to get a peek at his written work, it'll be plain that he's a tremendous prose stylist with robust views. What, however, seems to be occluded is the fact that Alexander is also a very funny, lively, sharp-witted and engaging speaker.